MFM/OB Appointments,  Pregnancy

MFM Appointment 4.15.21 – 23.5 Weeks

Baby Boy A (Liam)

I’m a bit late in posting this but we had our fourth visit with the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) doctor last Thursday. It was a fairly long visit – they did full measurements for each baby and then a fetal echo on each baby as well. For the measurements, they measure certain body parts – the head, the belly, the femur, and I think a couple other smaller parts of the brain. They combine all the measurements together to determine each baby’s weight and overall size. Last week all three babies weighed the same, 1lb 3 oz. They fell into the 15th, 16th and 17th percentile for overall growth. It sounds really low, but that’s compared to a singleton and the doctor said they are all on track for triplets. It was reassuring to hear that they were all about the same size and no one was lagging behind. Liam (Baby A) was breech that day, and that’s probably why I had been having so much bladder discomfort – he’s been kicking me down low. Violet (Baby B) was also breech, which explains why I wasn’t feeling a lot of movement up in my left side since her head was up there and her feet were lower. Luka (Baby C), was head down. But I can tell they’ve all moved around again so I’m still never totally sure who’s kicking me where.

Baby Boy C (Luka)

After they were done with all of the measurements, they did the fetal echos. Those are done with the ultrasound as well, so I was on the table with a goo covered belly for close to two hours. The echo is a detailed study of each baby’s heart to look for any abnormalities. I still don’t know how the sonographer figures out what she is looking at. It must take a long time to learn. Everyone had strong heartbeats and the echos all showed normal function.

When the doctor came in, he took a look at them again on the ultrasound himself and said the babies looked good. I asked about the discomfort and pressure in my bladder and he said with that many babies, it was pretty normal and that wearing a belly band more might help. I am always wearing one now when I exercise or am going to be on my feet for any length of time. I do think it helps. As usual, the babies were wiggling around and it was awesome to see them. I always have a mix of excitement and nervousness when we get to a doctor visit. Because we get to see the babies, but then I always know there is a chance that they might see something that is an issue. So far, it’s been smooth sailing but I always try to prepare myself, especially as we get closer to when more complications could arise. But so far so good. We go back to the MFM next Thursday and the OB the following Thursday. So in the meantime I am just trying to get rest and keep moving. It’s been a challenge this week as the babies are bigger so I feel their movements a lot more and they like to be up at night. So there’s a dance party going on in my belly when I’m trying to sleep. I guess they are just trying to get me prepared for their arrival. Pics of the boys. Violet was too wiggly to get a good shot.