MFM Appointment 4.29.21 – 25.5 Weeks

Yesterday we were back at the MFM for another growth scan. Baby Boy A (Liam) weighed in at 1lb 11 oz and was in the head down position, which explains the bit of relief I’ve had from him pounding his little feet into my bladder and nether regions. Baby Boy C (Luka) weighed in at 1lb 12 oz and was also head down and wiggling away. They were able to get the heart measurements on him that they couldn’t get last time and everything looked good. They were both around the 26th or 27th percentile for growth at this stage, which was up from two weeks ago. Baby Girl B (VIolet) was just a wee bit smaller at 1lb 90z and around the 8th or 9th percentile for growth. She was sitting breech yesterday. The doc was not alarmed about her size and said it’s not uncommon for triplets as the uterus and the body aren’t really built to support three placentas. Her heart and brain looked great and they just want to move us to weekly growth scans now instead of 2-3 weeks so that they can make sure she keeps growing. He said there wasn’t much I can do, it’s just physiology, but I’m still focusing on getting in as much protein as I can just in case it helps even a little! I also read recently that protein is great for brain development at this stage and I’m all for that too.

Violet (Baby B)
Luka (Baby C)

I’m getting more uncomfortable by the week, but just trying to take it day by day now and get rest whenever I can. It’s harder to sleep because they move a lot at night. We now have two appointments next week. Thursday we go to the OB and I have my glucose screening to check for signs of gestational diabetes (hopefully it comes back negative and I don’t have to give up bread and sweets) and Friday we will go back to the MFM for another growth scan to see how the babies are doing in size. We hit a big milestone this Sunday when I will be 26 weeks along. That is considered viability and the babies have a much better chance of making it if they are delivered after 26 weeks so it feels like a bit of a relief to get to this point. There were only a few pics of the Luka and Violet from yesterday, Liam had his back to us and wouldn’t show his face the whole time we were there. He was having a shy moment!