MFM/OB Appointments,  Pregnancy

MFM & OB Update 5.6.21 & 5.7.21 – 26.5 Weeks

A little late in posting this but it’s been getting tougher now to get things done. I am more and more uncomfortable each day as I near the size of someone who is full term with one baby. And pregnancy brain is most definitely a real thing!

Liam (Baby A)

Last week we saw the OB on Thursday and then the MFM on Friday so I’m combining these into one post as they were relatively short visits in the grand scheme of our appointment types. At the OB I had my glucose screening, so I got to drink a lovely bottle of something that tasted like extra sweet, slightly flat orange Fanta. It wasn’t horrible honestly, but it’s not easy to down something that sweet in the five minute time limit they give you. Then we went on to our sonogram where the babies were happy and wiggly and all had strong heartbeats. After an hour, they drew my blood so they could see how my body processed the glucose and we met with the OB while a sugar high started to make me shaky. She mentioned again wanting to try and get me to 36, 37 or even (gah) 38 weeks. I think I had a mild panic attack later that day at the thought of that, but then tried to put it out of my head.

Violet (Baby B)

The sugar low later that day had me struggling but some protein and carbs pushed me through the afternoon. And here I’ll jump ahead to tell you that I failed the glucose test by a measly 2 points over the threshold, so I’m off to complete the more arduous 3 hour test tomorrow morning, which includes 12 hours of fasting, another bottle of flat fanta and 4 blood draws in three hours. This is all to check for gestational diabetes, which is more common in pregnancy with multiples but can happen to anyone. I’m hoping I pass this one, without passing out in the process. But if I don’t, it would most likely mean some diet modification for the last leg of this pregnancy, and I can handle that.

Luka (Baby C)

The next day, we saw the MFM. It was probably the shortest visit we’ve had. They checked the babies for strong heartbeats and then focused in on our little girl to check her cord blood flow and her fluid pocket. Everything looked stable so our doc said we just keep doing what we are doing and come back in a week for the next round of measurements. It feels a little helpless that I can’t do much to help her grow, there’s no magic diet or anything. Just time. We didn’t get a lot of pics because they were so wiggly, but I’ve added a few.