MFM Update 5.13.21 – 27.5 Weeks

Violet (Baby B) Mouth Open

Today we went back to the MFM for another growth scan on all three babies. And we got to see them in 3D! Only Liam cooperated for a great photo but it was super fun to see their faces. Liam and Luka (A & C) clocked in at 2lb 5oz each, landing in the 26th percentile. Little Violet (B) is still little, she was 1lb 14oz and hovering in about the 3rd percentile. It makes me nervous to think of her being so much smaller but she’s a little fighter I know. The good news is that her cord blood flow, her heart rate, and her fluid pocket are all good. She’s super active and her measurements are proportional, meaning she’s just small, not lagging only in a certain part of the body. It’s also really common for this to happen with triplets, our doctor reassured us. A woman’s body isn’t really meant to support three placentas. He thinks Violet’s placenta just doesn’t work quite as well as those of the boys. But it is working and she did grow so they will keep watching closely and continue to check us weekly. Next week will be a check of her fluid pocket and cord blood flow again, and then the following week will be another growth scan for all the babies.

Liam (Baby A) in 3D

There may come a time when it is safer for her to be outside me where she can get more nutrition, and the docs will make that call when we get there. But as long as she keeps growing, even if it’s at a slower rate than her brothers, then it’s best for them to all stay tucked safely inside me where they can develop as they should. I try to remember that with every ache and pain, I am already mothering them and nurturing them, and I will do it for as long as I can safely keep them inside.

Luka (Baby C) Very Wiggly

As for me, it’s just getting harder to move around. Even standing and walking around the house now creates the kind of discomfort that just a couple weeks ago would take a 30 minute walk to accomplish. So I do what I can and try to let go of any expectations I had for myself a week or two weeks, or really even two days ago. The changes are coming fast as they put on more weight and I have to remember to adapt along with them. That means carrying a pillow with me into restaurants and not caring what anyone thinks. It means wearing compression socks in the summer in Texas even if they look ridiculous with a sundress or shorts. And it means asking for help, even though that’s not my favorite thing to do, especially for something as simple as putting on my shoes. And they are worth every second of it.