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MFM & OB Appt Update 5.20.21 – 28.5 Weeks

I’m backtracking here because it’s been a whirlwind and there just wasn’t time before. So to catch you up…We saw our OB and MFM on Thursday, May 20th. With back to back appointments, we hauled our laptops with us and worked in the hospital lobby between visits instead of going home in between. My OB appt was up first. They just did a quick sono to check heartbeats and we got a couple of pics because they knew the MFM would be doing a much more detailed scan that afternoon. My blood pressure was a little high that day and they found a trace amount of protein in my urine. My doc said the combo could be an early sign of preeclampsia and to start paying attention to potential warning signs She didn’t seem too concerned though. For some info on what the heck it is, click HERE. The nutshell description is that it’s a condition that can be life-threatening to mother and baby and the treatment is delivery. My OB reminded me that I had a double whammy on the risk for it, both my age (pre-e shows up most often in very young and very old mothers, and yay, I’m the latter), and the fact that I was carrying multiples.

Later, my MFM expressed a similar concern, especially after noting the increased swelling in my feet and legs, along with everything else. This week’s visit was just to check cord blood flow and the fluid pocket on Violet, both of which looked good. So no measurements that day – we set up for the following Friday to check the growth of all three babies again. But he gave me a threshold blood pressure of 160/105 and said to start checking it twice a day. If it hit or passed that number, he said I needed to call or head in to Labor and Delivery.

I was starting to get the feeling that I might not carry the babies to the 34-36 weeks my OB had been aiming for since the start of the pregnancy.