MFM Appt Update from 3.17.21

I’m going to start sharing quick updates from our doctor’s appointments for anyone following along, or wanting to know a bit more about what’s different in a triplet pregnancy. The two big things are that we see doctors a lot more often, including regular appointments with a maternal fetal medicine specialist (high risk doctor) and we have a lot more sonograms than any normal pregnancy. My friend who is 34 weeks right now just told me today that she will have a total of 3 sonograms for her whole pregnancy. We have a sonogram at every single appointment we go to and we are at an appointment somewhere no less frequently than every two weeks and it will probably increase to once a week pretty quickly! Part of the reason is that they cannot use a doppler machine to hear the babies’ heartbeats. They can’t distinguish with triplets so they need to do a sono to listen to each of them.

Baby A – Boy

Yesterday we had our second visit at the MFM office. There are two doctor’s at the practice we go to and now we’ve met both of them, though our next few appointments are now all scheduled with the same doctor. I always expected to see an MFM because of my age. At 46, I would be technically termed a geriatric pregnancy, though thankfully, no one has ever said that to my face. Which is good cause with all the hormones right now, it would not be pretty. With triplets, it’s also a necessity, regardless of your age, just because everything gets so much more complicated.

Baby B – Girl

So these visits are lengthy. It takes about an hour to scan all three babies in detail during the sonogram, and I was about ready to take a nap right there on the table, though I never want to miss a thing as this is always a great chance to see our little ones wiggling around. With as much moving as they were doing, I am surprised that I’m not feeling a lot more in the way of kicks. Though I think in another week or two, it’s gonna feel like they are hosting their own dance party in there. All the babies were breech yesterday, so in the heads up position, with our little girl settled way up high, her head already above my belly button. It suddenly made sense why the upper part of my abdomen has been filling out so quickly over the last week or so and why it’s getting difficult to eat without heartburn.

All three of them looked great yesterday – they had heart rates in the 140’s and 150’s – super normal in range. Both boys weigh 10 ounces and baby girl weighs 9 ounces so they are growing well and on target for triplets. One boy (baby A) has marginal cord insertion but they didn’t even mention it as a cause for concern and a quick google search later told me that often resolves itself and isn’t something to be worried about right now. So we go back again in two weeks when they will look at them again and keep checking their development!

Baby C – Boy

So for now, we keep letting them grow, I keep working to stay active and eat healthy, and get as much sleep as I can. With babies pressing on my bladder, my stomach and my lungs, none of those are an easy feat these days but I just remind myself it’s temporary and that it will all be worth it!

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