MFM/OB Appointments,  Pregnancy

MFM Appt Update 3.30.21 – 21.5 Weeks

Yesterday we went in for our third visit with the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist. This was a slightly shorter visit than the last two as they didn’t do quite as many measurements this time around. They checked everyone’s heartbeats and they all measured somewhere in the 140’s to 150’s, which is great. They each got a good once over to check their amniotic fluid, body position (all head down yesterday) and just a few other overall wellness checks. Everyone was super wiggly yesterday so it was a little harder for them to grab photos, especially of Baby Boy C. He was also hiding his face a lot.

Baby Girl B with her mouth open

It’s always incredibly reassuring to see them on the screen dancing around. Even though I can feel them more and more throughout the day, there is nothing as good as the actual visual. My cervix length is still measuring at 4mm as well so that’s great – it means my body is cooperating nicely at keeping them all safely tucked inside. It’s hard to believe we are already almost to 22 weeks. I like to set small mental goals for myself about each window of time and my next personal goal is to to get to 28 weeks, which will be in mid May. This was the bare minimum number of weeks my OB first said she wanted to see so I feel like that’s the next threshold we need to focus on crossing.

Baby Boy A

I did also get permission to start taking Omeprozale daily for the horrible heartburn I have been fighting. The doctor said he was not the least bit surprised that Tums and Pepcid weren’t cutting with with the triplets. My stomach is smushed high up into my rib cage at this point. It’s hard to even tell really when I’m hungry because it doesn’t growl like a normal stomach and the feelings all come from the wrong place in my body.

He warned us that our next MFM appointment in about two weeks will be a long one, so I said I would bring a snack. They will do a lot more measuring that day and really spend some time studying the babies’ hearts. But first we go back to the OB next Monday for our checkup there. I think from here on out, I will have at least one appointment every week, if not more. I don’t really mind though, as it’s more chances to see our babies. Because they cannot read the heartbeats of triplets with a doppler, we have a sonogram at every visit.