MFM/OB Appointments,  Pregnancy

OB Appt Update 4.7.21 – 22.5 Weeks

Today we visited the OB for another relatively quick visit. But it was the best sonogram yet, because Andres was able to capture video of a precious moment when Baby A (Liam) yawned! I’ve included it below. Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful scan – the babies all had heartbeats in the 140’s and they all looked bigger. They didn’t do any measurements on the babies since we go back to the MFM next Thursday for a lengthy and detailed scan. They did measure my cervix again and it was 5 cm so that was great news, it’s even a bit longer than last week. Baby A (Liam) was head down at the lowest point, Luka (Baby C) was also head down, but folded up, like he was sitting in a chair, just upside down. Violet (Baby B) was stretched out transverse, with her feet over near Luke and her head off to my left side.

We had a quick visit with the doc as well. She told me our goal right now is to just keep doing what we are doing, keep up with the MFM visit schedule and focus on getting past 30 weeks. She did take a look at my belly and said that I was closer to the size of someone who is 27 or 28 weeks with a singleton (one baby). They don’t really have an accurate way to measure your size with multiples so they just kind of gauge how much bigger you are. So many people have said lately that I still look small for carrying triplets, but I feel bigger and bigger every day. I can’t fold over much now without losing my breath. I have to lean sideways and throw my leg out behind me to put on my shoes!

Our next visit with the OB will be in a month. They will do another sono (like always), just to check heart beats and overall spacing. They will also do my one hour glucose screening that day, so fingers crossed I pass and don’t have to do the more extensive three hour glucose test.